PHOENIX LED Floodlights

December 2017

Sale of No. 2 units PHOENIX LED floodlights EcoMod 2 (140 W) model to MSC Terminal Valencia.

Orange peel motor grab

January 2018

Sale of No. 1 Peiner Smag Lifting Technologies Gmbh orange peel motor grab, model MMRG 3200-3, to Stahl Gerlafingen (Beltrame Group).

Twin Lift Telescopic Spreaders

November 2017

Sale of No. 3 twin lift telescopic spreaders STINIS BV, VATCVI – GLTW 20-45ft model, to LSCT (Contship Group) La Spezia (Italy).

Single Lift Telescopic Spreader

November 2017

Sale of No. 1 single lift telescopic spreader STINIS BV, VATCII-G model, to SECH– Genova (Italy).

Mobile Harbour Cranes Gottwald HMK 260 and HMK 280

October 2017

Sale of No. 2 second hand Gottwald mobile harbour cranes, model HMK260 and HMK280, to Sepamar Srl (Augusta) and arrangement relevant shipment in cooperation with Fagioli Spa.

MHC crane relocation

Ottobre 2017

MHC crane relocation from Bari Port to Vasto Port, featuring Fagioli Spa.

GIS Expo 2017

Ottobre 2017

Gradita visita del Commendatore Luciano Fantuzzi allo stand di Port Supplies Srl al Gis Expo 2017.

GIS Expo 2017

October 2017

Mr. Luciano Fantuzzi visit to Port Supplies Srl booth at Gis Expo 2017.

Twin Lift Telescopic Spreader

August 2017

Sale of No. 1 twin lift telescopic spreader STINIS BV, VATCII-ETW model, to Terminal Containers Ravenna (Contship Group) – Ravenna (Italy).

Spreader telescopico Twin Lift

Agosto 2017

Vendita di N° 1 spreader telescopico twin lift STINIS BV, modello VATCII-ETW, a Terminal Contaners Ravenna (Gruppo Contship) di Ravenna (Italia).