Peiner SMAG motor grab

August 2022

Sale of one unit Peiner SMAG motor grab, model MZGL16000 4-L-S, to Eurodacks (Ravenna), delivered together the new Italgru MHC.

Peiner SMAG motor grab

July 2022

Sale of one unit Peiner SMAG motor grab, MZGL 35000 3 – L model, to Istop Spamar from Bari (Italy).

Twin Lift MHC Spreader

May 2022

Sale of one units Stinis twin lift spreader for MHC to Terminal del Golfo, La Spezia (Italy).

STS single lift spreaders

May 2022

Sale of two units Stinis BV STS single lift spreaders, model VATCII – G, to PSA Sech Genova Terminal.

Slewing Unit

December 2021

Sale of one Peiner Smag Lifting Technologies to Smepp Piombino.

Over height spreaders

March 2022

Sale of two units Stinis BV OHS over height spreaders to MCT Med Center Container Terminal – Gioia Tauro (Italy).

Long Twin STS spreader

February 2022

Sale of one Long Twin Stinis STS spreader to TCR Terminal Container Ravenna.

Full electric RTG spreaders

January 2022

Sale of 5 units Stinis BV full electric RTG spreaders to LSCT La Spezia Container Terminal.

Motor orange peel grab for biomass

November 2021

Sale of one especially designed for biomass Peiner SMAG Lifting Technologies orange peel grab, model MMGL 18000-5 CL, to Sir Spa for its terminal in Portovesme.

Dual scoop motor grab

October 2021

Sale of one Peiner SMAG Lifting Technologies dual scoop motor grab, model MZGL 25000-3-L-S, to Peyrani (Taranto).