NEW DESIGN electrohydraulic orange peel grabs

January 2019

Sale of 2 units new design Peiner SMAG Lifting Technologies orange peel grabs, model MMGL 18000-4, to handle biomass, to CTO Combined Terminal Operators Srl and IPC Impresa Portuale di Cagliari Srl.

Dual Scoop Motor Grab

November 2018

Sale of one Peiner Smag Lifting Technologies dual scoop motor grab, model MZGL 20000 3-L, to Seagull Srl – Oristano (Italy).

Equipment relocation in Taranto Port

September 2018

Relocation of 2 units MHC, 1 unit hopper and other materials inside Taranto Port, featuring FAGIOLI S.p.A.

Orange Peel Motor Grabs

August 2018

Sale of No. 2 Peiner Smag Lifting Technologies Gmbh orange peel motor grabs, model MMGL 10000 – 4, to A2A for its Brescia plant.

Benne bivalve

Giugno 2018

Vendita di due benne di Peiner Smag Lifting Technologies, una motorizzata modello MZGL-20000-3-L ed una meccanica modello VSG/Q 25,0-0,8-15000, a Terminal Calata Orlando di Livorno.

Dual scoop grabs

June 2018

Sale of two Peiner Smag Lifting Technologies grabs, one dual scoop motor grab model MZGL-20000-3-L and one four ropes dual scoop grab model VSG/Q 25,0-0,8-15000, to TCO Terminal in Livorno.

Dual scoop motor grab

May 2018

Sale of one Peiner Smag Lifting Technologies dual scoop motor grab model MZGL-12000-6-L to F.lli Midolini for their port terminal located in Porto Nogaro.

Telescopic Over Height Frame STINIS BV

May 2018

Sale of No. 1 telescopic OHS Over Height Spreader STINIS BV, OHSIII-E20-45FT/50T model, to LSCT (Contship Group) La Spezia (Italy).

Mobile harbour crane MHC 200

April 2018

Sale of no. 1 Fantuzzi Reggiane mobile harbour crane MHC 200 to Midolini Spa.

NEW PARTNER – Macro Clean Srl

Marzo 2018

Beginning of a new cooperation with Macro Clean Srl, part of RCM Motoscope Group from Casinalbo (Modena), world leading manufacturer of industrial and road sweeper machines (both mechanical and vacuum system), perfect to be used to clean harbour yards, especially those where bulk material is handled.