Eco-friendly dual scoop motor grab

June 2015

Sale of No. 1 eco-friendly Peiner Smag Lifting Technologies Gmbh dual scoop motor grab for bulk handling to SERMI, Pozzallo (Italy)

Shipment MHC crane

July 2015.

Shipment of No. 1 MHC 5000 from Livorno Port to Bari Port (Italy).

Shipment MHC crane

June 2015

Shipment of No. 1 MHC from Casablanca Port to Tangier Port (Morocco).

Single Lift Telescopic Spreaders

September 2014

Sale of No. 2 single lift telescopic spreaders STINIS BV, VATCII-G model, to SECH– Genova (Italy).

Bogies for rail mounted crane

March 2015

Supply of No. 4 bogies for rail mounted crane, No. 2 of them motorized, designed and manufactured by Ardea Srl.

Shipment of STS-RTG cranes and other equipment

February 2015

Shipment of No. 4 STS, No. 3 RTG and other equipment from Barcelona Port (Spain)  and No. 2 STS from Valencia Port (Spain), bound for Sagunto Port (Spain).

Mobile harbour crane

January 2015

Sale of No. 1 second mobile harbour crane Fantuzzi Reggiane, MHC 115 model, to CCI Metz (France) and arrangement of relevant sea and river transportation in disassembled configuration. In cooperation with Sea technology SA.

Twin lift telescopic spreader

July 2013

Sale of No. 1 twin lift telescopic spreader STINIS BV, VATCII-ETW model, to Lorenzini Terminal – Livorno (Italy).

Mobile harbour crane

November 2012

Sale of No. 1 second mobile harbour crane Fantuzzi Reggiane, MHC 200 model, to Intersagunto Terminales – Sagunto (Spain) and arrangement of relevant transportation by means of a ro-ro vessel in fully erected configuration.

Orange peel motor grabs

July 2014

Sale of No. 3 Peiner Smag Lifting Technologies Gmbh orange peel motor grabs for solid urban waste handling to A2A – Brescia plant (Italy)