Second Hand RTG

July 2016

Sale and shipment of No. 3 Mitsubishi RTG from Laem Chabang Evergreen terminal to Suksawat terminal Co.Ltd. Bangkok. In partnership with Microtecnology Co.Ltd.

TOC Europe 2016

June 2016

Thanks again to those who have visited our booth in Hamburg TOC Europe 2016.

Thanks also to our partners, Fagioli Spa and Ardea Srl, who have shared booth with us.

Eco-friendly dual scoop motor grabs

June 2016

Sale of No. 2 eco-friendly Peiner Smag Lifting Technologies Gmbh dual scoop motor grabs for ash handling in A2A  plant, Brescia (Italy)

Benne motorizzate ecologiche

Giugno 2016

Vendita di N° 2 benne motorizzate (elettro-idrauliche) ecologiche per movimentazione di scorie di Peiner Smag Lifting Technologies Gmbh ad A2A per il Termovalorizzatore di Brescia (Italia)

Reach Stacker

May 2016

Sale of a CVS Ferrari F329.5 Reach Stacker to Compagnia Portuale Briamo Srl, Brindisi (Italy).

Mobile dedusting system for existing standard (no dedusted) hoppers

April 2016

Supply of a mobile dedusting system, installed on a truck, and revision of existing standard (no dedusted) hoppers to Monopoli Port (Italy). New project designed and manufactured by Ardea Srl.

Eco-friendly dual scoop motor grab

January 2016

Sale of No. 1 eco-friendly Peiner Smag Lifting Technologies Gmbh dual scoop motor grab for bulk handling to Savasta Service, Pozzallo (Italy)

Full electric yard spreader

March 2016

Sale of No. 1 full electric yard spreader STINIS BV, VATCVIII-RTG/RMG model, to SECH– Genova (Italy).

Single Lift Telescopic Spreaders

March 2016

Sale of No. 2 single lift telescopic spreaders STINIS BV, VATCII-G model, to SECH– Genova (Italy).

Eco-friendly mechanical grabs

February 2016

Sale of No. 2 eco-friendly Peiner Smag Lifting Technologies Gmbh mechanical grabs for coal handling to Enel – La Spezia power plant (Italy)